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Dr. Wazir Agha (18th May, 1922 to 7th Sept, 2010)

Dr. Wazir Agha’s very extensive life long study of all genres of literature in Urdu, English, Punjabi and Persian is only rivalled by vast readings in western and Eastern mythology, religions, philosophy, mysticism, literary criticism, the new physics and what can be called the creative process… This knowledge has been incubating in him, as knowledge tends to do in all of us, even as fresh streams have been continually added. Coalescing with his own powers of both minute and expansive observation, a deep incisive sensibility and a thriving creative energy, this knowledge has been sprouting, chlorophyll- drenched, sun-soaked, night-perfumed, cloud-laced and fire- sparked as little breezes and mighty winds which encompass all in their way, subtly or without great vigour.  You can call these outpourings his poems, light-essays or writings in literary criticism.